This space is a way to help keep myself lucid and present, and to see if any of the obsessive thinking I do is of any use.

I like to think about humans, and the disconnect between our dominating culture and the rest of us, which is also the disconnect between what a lot of us subscribe to and our nature. I want to write about and work for the future, with others interested in or already doing that work.

I'm psyched about the creation of meaningful, equitable and peaceful existence for all living things, and about creating this space and welcoming you. I've made an introductory post that goes into detail about why I have created this space and what I hope to do here, and this is my main thrust:

Lower Den’s “thematic arc”, a conceptual framework that I used to help write our albums, was about radical, equitable transformation of society. It’s what I really care about, and why I was trying to write music about it in this band. There are other ways of life possible for humans.

Welcome! Thank you for being here.

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: former singer for Lower Dens, ASD (Autistic Step-Dad), shacked-up transsexual, Jracula

Ideas, requests, etc. welcome 🔗here🔗.

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